Skogsutrustning för traktor

The KESLA 204T makes maintenance work easy at Ranua Wildlife Park

07.08.2020 Tractor forest equipment

Ranua Wildlife Park was established in 1983. Today, the park is home to around 200 animals that represent 50 arctic species. The animals are housed in spacious enclosures right in the middle of a Nordic forest. It takes a lot of hard work from an average of five members of staff to look after the animals and maintain their enclosures. This work is made easier by a Valtra N114 Hitech tractor and a KESLA 204T loader.

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Versatile forestry work in the heart of Ylä-Savo

29.11.2019 Referenser

In addition to running his own farm, Kari Väisänen also operates a forestry business in Sonkajärvi, right at the heart of Ylä-Savo in Finland. While his farm mostly produces barley and oats, Harvus, Väisänen’s forestry business focuses on felling, thinning, and transporting trees, as well as selling firewood. The different activities of these two businesses are conveniently spread across the year — the farm work is largely done in summer, leaving the winter months for forestry.

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Transport of energy wood and logs in Imatra

02.08.2019 Referenser

Under his own trade name, Seppo Knuuttila has transported logs and energy wood, as well as performed lumberjack work, ploughing and stump grinding in the Imatra area since 2005. The main activity is specifically the transport of logs and energy wood, for which Knuuttila uses a Valtra 214 Versu tractor equipped with a KESLA 144HD forest trailer and 316T loader. Log transport customers include the City of Imatra with its subsidiaries and Stora Enso.

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KESLA tractor forest trailer and loader were a natural choice for the snowboarder Roope Tonteri

07.05.2019 Referenser

Snowboarder, double big air and one time slopestyle world champion Roope Tonteri is a full-blooded forester. Last year the man purchased a Valtra tractor for his forestry works and in the beginning of this year he contacted Kesla for purchasing of a trailer/loader set. The new set of trailer and loader was forwarded to him in cooperation with AGCO Finland in the beginning of April.

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Juha Mönkkönen appreciates the traction of the ND trailer

21.09.2018 Referenser

Vehmersalmi’s Metsätyö’s Juha Mönkkonen’s one pearl of machinery is Valtra N174 Direct -tractor which is beautifully towing KESLA 122ND trailer and KESLA 316T crane. Mönkkönen relies on the loader trailer combination and especially on the traction given by the trailer.

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Urban contracting work with the KESLA 316T loader

21.09.2018 Referenser

The Siilinjärvi-based Siilin Traktorityö uses the KESLA loader not only for forestry work, but also for many other kinds of contracting work and even in urban areas. The strong KESLA 316T loader mounted on the rear bridge of the tractor is a real helper at work.

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The KESLA 316T is a versatile assistant on the farm

09.08.2017 Referenser

Mr. Kari Pekonen has been running the farm in Parikkala Kirjavansalo since 2001. The farm includes 220 Ha of fields, forest 70 Ha and 400 head of cattle. Farming contracting work is ran as its own separate business. From the begging the KESLA crane loader has been used in contract work.

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