Harvester heads

User-friendly harvester head makes forestry work safe and fast

03.05.2022 Harvester heads

Forestry contractor Ilpo Kosonen, from Parikkala (Finland), is one of Kesla’s long-term customers. In 2013, Ilpo learned about Kesla’s harvester head and the device has been a crucial part of the forestry contractor’s everyday life ever since. Today, Kesla’s general-purpose machine 25RH-II serves Ilpo in thinning, final felling and the processing of piled timber.

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FRANCE: Herve Martinet SARL & KESLA 25RH-II

31.08.2021 Harvester heads

A French forestry contractor Herve Martinet has two excavator harvesters with KESLA 25RH-II heads. With the machines he and his son are mainly handling chestnut trees. Take a look at the video! French, English subtitles.

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Itämoto Oy manages logging in Central Karelia

02.08.2019 Referenser

Itämoto Oy has been in operation since 2014, with its headquarters in Tolosenmäki, Kitee. The company’s equipment includes two John Deere harvesters, one built on excavator as a base machine and one Sampo Rosenlew forwarder. The company performs contract work for Stora Enso through Tähtimetsä in the Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä areas.

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