Kesla brings nave drive to the smallest tractor forest trailers

23.05.2023 Nyheter

Kesla Oyj is a Finnish manufacturer of truck cranes, logging equipment as well as tractor-based forest technology and material handling equipment with long and traditional roots, especially as a manufacturer of tractor-based machinery, since the 1960s. Now, the company is also launching a strong nave drive for the smallest for-est trailers of 10 tonnes.

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KESLA-kranar lämpar sig även för industribruk

23.03.2023 Nyheter

Finska Keslas fordonsmonterade kranar lämpar sig utomordentligt även för industribruk. Företaget grundades på 1960-talet och levererade sina första industrikranar redan på 1980-talet. Sedermera har man tillverkat hundratals industrikranar och levererat dem till tiotals länder.

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Z-boom cranes gaining popularity

03.11.2022 Nyheter

Z-boom cranes have become more common throughout Europe in recent years. The Finnish crane manufacturer Kesla estimates that Z-boom cranes already constitute almost 40% of its crane production. Alongside traditional Z-boom cranes, a front folded version has also been introduced to the market, which combines the benefits of straight-boom and Z-boom cranes.

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