3rd generation harvester heads

The new KESLA generation III harvester heads

KESLA generation III harvester heads represent the latest design and technology at the market. Powerful 2WD feed (3WD option available for 28RH-III and 30RH-III) with the KESLA’s unique progressive feed roller geometry enable exceptionally high hydraulic and mechanic efficiency, resulting in high performance and very low fuel consumption.

Modular frame technology enables different variations optimized to the working conditions, like 4-knife heads for large and branched coniferous trees, and compact 3-knife versions for crooked trees and hardwood. Changes between the versions are possible even as retro-fit, by changing a frame module.

The modular structure facilitates also using of high level of automation in manufacturing, resulting in high precision products. The frame modules are machined in one piece after welding assembly for the highest possible dimensional precision. This together with large shafts and bushings make lifetime of the head exceptionally long, with minimum need for maintenance.

Thanks to the modular design and very wide list of optional equipment, the KESLA RH-III heads can be optimized for individual needs of every single user.

The 2WD feed system makes it possible to select optimal feed motor size from very wide range, depending on the working condition and the base machine. The hydraulic system can handle the high oil flow provided by the hi-powered purpose-built harvesters, and on the other hand the excellent hydraulic and mechanic efficiency enables productive work also with machines providing very limited power.

The new generation-III heads are available in four size classes, providing the right solution for all harvesting operations from thinnings to final fellings, all around from the Northern coniferous forests to the Southern plantations.

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