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The Finnish company Kesla starts sales of a fire-extinguishing tractor trailer

02.12.2021 Artículos de prensa

The Finnish company Kesla Oyj is known for several forest technology and material processing products, as one example forest trailers for tractors. In recent years, tractor equipment has become increasingly versatile and now Kesla is launching a trailer concept with fire-extinguishing features. The sales of this new product will start immediately.

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Versatile and extensive KESLA City crane range now also available with cabin

12.10.2020 Artículos de prensa

The City crane range launched by Kesla a few years ago was built with urban conditions in mind, as the cranes are equipped with KESLA proSTABILITY stability control system. The system ensures the safe operation of the crane. Originally, the crane model was only available in a few Z models and with radio control, but now there are models available in different sizes, with both Z boom and straight boom, and control is also possible from the high seat with joysticks and now also from the cabin as a new feature.

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Kesla to launch a harvester head specially designed for tractor use

28.09.2020 Artículos de prensa

The all-new KESLA 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range. Despite its size, it makes use of the technology, structural solutions and manufacturing know-how of large harvester heads. With the new model, Kesla strengthens its position as a leading harvester head manufacturer independent from base machines.

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The KESLA 204T makes maintenance work easy at Ranua Wildlife Park

07.08.2020 Tractor forest equipment

Ranua Wildlife Park was established in 1983. Today, the park is home to around 200 animals that represent 50 arctic species. The animals are housed in spacious enclosures right in the middle of a Nordic forest. It takes a lot of hard work from an average of five members of staff to look after the animals and maintain their enclosures. This work is made easier by a Valtra N114 Hitech tractor and a KESLA 204T loader.

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