Finnish loaders designed for use in demanding conditions

03.03.2022 References

Living in Pieksämäki, Finland, Janne Leikas and his brother own a farming syndicate that also carries out forest work as a side business. The syndicate, Maatalousyhtymä Leikas, was originally a crop farm that was passed on to the brothers by their father in 2013. Today, daily life on the farm includes many kinds of work, in which tractors and their accessories have proven invaluable. Especially in forest work, which has been increasing in quantity, the brothers rely on Kesla’s high-quality loaders, which operate efficiently even in demanding conditions.

“Our farm has about 220 hectares of fields. We sow in the spring and make hay and harvest grain in the summer. In the winter, we focus on snow ploughing, harvesting energy wood, transporting timber and spreading lime. Tractors and loaders serve us in very diverse tasks, such as harvesting energy wood, transporting timber and round bales and spreading lime,” says Janne Leikas.

The powerful KESLA 326T loader – a handy tool for hard work

The Leikas farm has been using Kesla loaders for a long time. As the harvesting of energy wood increased, the brothers felt the need to upgrade their long-serving KESLA 316T loader to a newer model. According to Janne, it was obvious that they would continue their cooperation with Kesla, a Finnish company that could install a new loader at the factory, only 180 kilometres from the Leikas farm. “

The new Kesla 326T loader has met our expectations well. In this model, the hoses are not visible, so they cannot get caught in branches while working. We use the loader for a wide variety of applications and think it has a good outreach and lifting capacity. Basically, we use it for anything that can be handled with the grapple. The loader can also be removed for the summer, freeing the tractor for other work,” Janne says.

A domestic supplier understands Finnish requirements

According to Janne Leikas, cooperation with Kesla has gone well, since the domestic company can provide service quickly whenever required. Kesla’s reliable and easy-to-maintain loaders meet the demanding needs of Finnish farmers.

“I appreciate the fact that our tractor and loaders are from domestic manufacturers. This way, we can support Finnish businesses, and help and spare parts are available close to our farm when necessary. The new Kesla loader has proven to be very efficient, and we are particularly pleased with the internal hosing. It has suited our application really well,” Janne Leikas says.

Janne Leikas in satisfied with his KESLA 326T loader.

The loader is installed with an adjustment kit to the tractor.