“What has been promised has been done”

13.12.2021 References

The latest crane from Kesla convinced Kenneth Storbjörk, CEO of SK Trans Ab Oy.


Based in Kronoby and specialising in timber and pole transport, SK Trans was looking for a crane and ended up with Kesla’s new KESLA 2217Z model. The Kesla replaced the previous Loglift crane and had been in use for a month and a half at the time of the interview.

“We have Kesla’s crane in a pole truck used by me. The crane is equipped with a comfortable cabin. It has water recirculation heating, integrated air conditioning and an air suspension seat,” Storbjörk says.

The pole trucks move mainly in Finland, but Sweden, Norway and Denmark also belong to the SK Trans area. Storbjörk chose a customized white colour for his Vision XL cabin. In addition to heating and air conditioning, an important feature of the Kesla for Storbjörk is the electrical control, which makes crane work much easier.

“Because my shoulder is so bad right now, I chose electrical control and a warm cabin so that all I need to do is move my hands,” Storbjörk explains. “In the truck, I’ve got Weckman’s trailer and bodywork. We also have three pole and two timber trailers in use from Weckman. We’ve been buying trailers and bodywork there for 40 years. They are of high quality and well designed, and Matti Heiman knows what we need.

The Z model’s 17-tonne-metre size class was just right

When buying the crane, Storbjörk went to the factory to try out different alternatives. The size, dexterity and lifting capacity of the 17-tonne-metre Z-boom crane from Finnish Kesla impressed him. It was also important that he could adjust the attachment of the Kesla Z-boom crane and the Vision XL cabin to his liking on the right side of the crane.

“We were able to build this cabin the way I wanted it, that is, attached to a different side than in a standard timber truck,” Storbjörk says.

“The advantage of the Z model is that it can be packed up behind the cabin. In my pole car, the only option is to have a Z. The reliable Olsberg valves in the Kesla crane were already familiar to Storbjörk.

“I’ve got them in other trucks as well. It’s a secure and well-made valve,” Storbjörk says with experience.

Functional service option

One of the decisive factors in Kesla’s choice was that maintenance can be found nearby.

“They signed a maintenance contract with Esscrane and Haittamäki in our area. Of course it’s important. There were no Kesla service points in our region before,” Storbjörk says.

For the choice of the right crane, he praises salesperson Mika Kalliosaari, who helped to choose the right accessories and adjustments.

“Everything that Kesla has promised has worked, and everything has been delivered. They also gave us a good guarantee for the crane. That decided it. The price was also right,” Storbjörk says with satisfaction.

Kenneth Störbjörk.