Space, comfortability and reliability

23.03.2021 Truck and stationary cranes

Gröhn Transport Oy from Juuka has relied on Kesla for decades as Kesla cranes are reliable and durable, and their working comfort comes second to none.

“The cabins are spacious compared to the others and have good visibility,” says Joni Gröhn, a timber lorry driver, listing the features of the Kesla 2112T crane he operates.

Joni works for Gröhn Transport Oy based in Juuka, North Karelia. The company, operating in timber transport within the North Karelia region, has two lorries, and both of them are equipped with Kesla cranes.

Good heating

The working comfort of the cranes plays an important part when working all year round – in the freezing winter weather and the searing summer heat. If the operator is not comfortable inside the crane cabin, work accuracy and efficiency will suffer.

“We’ve managed well in all Finnish conditions. The cabin is nice and warm in the winter, and thanks to a cooling device, it doesn’t get hot in the summer either,” says Samu Gröhn, a timber lorry driver.

“The Kesla cabins are equipped with water circulation heating that works perfectly even in freezing temperatures. It also keeps the windows free of any frost or mist, and there is no need to wear bulky winter clothes,” says Joni Gröhn.

Customisable control

The cranes operated by Gröhn Transport Oy are equipped with KESLA proC control systems. The KESLA proC control system can be customised to suit the operator’s preferences. This guarantees a pleasant working environment for every operator. Samu Gröhn operates the crane in his use with a four-lever electrical control. Joni Gröhn’s crane, on the other hand, has a two-lever electrical control.

“I learnt the four-lever operation back in the day and have preferred to use it since,” Samu says. “The two-lever system is simpler to learn, and it is also light to operate. I used to operate a four-lever mechanical control, and compared to that, the operability of the crane has improved enormously. It puts no strain on my hands,” Joni says, as he lists the advantages of the control system.

Durability is essential

Kari Gröhn, the entrepreneur at Gröhn Transport Oy, has 45 years of experience in the industry, and he has worked with Kesla’s products for several decades.

“We’ve been using Kesla products since 1987. We’ve tried other brands as well, but none of them really measured up,” Kari Gröhn says.

In addition to enjoying Kesla’s operating comfort, the Gröhns have over the years grown accustomed to relying on Kesla’s quality. “From an entrepreneur’s point of view, durability is one of the key factors when selecting a crane to make sure that the lorries do not stand idle due to maintenance or failure,” Kari Gröhn says.

“Kesla cranes have been reliable and easy to service. I know from experience that I can take care of the maintenance and hose replacements myself in the forest if needed,” Joni Gröhn says.

The KESLA crane grapping logs.
KESLA Vision cabin.
Strong crane in work.