Presentation of the fire-extinguishing tractor trailer based on the KESLA multipurpose concept at the Demopark trade fair in Germany

29.06.2023 News

The Finnish company Kesla Oyj has since been known for forestry machinery and timber loading and city cranes, as well as tractor equipment, including forestry trailers and loader cranes for tractors. Tractor equipment has become more and more versatile in recent years and now Kesla has introduced the KESLA multipurpose concept with towable fire-extinguishing unit in Germany as well. Sales in Germany will take place from the 3rd quarter of 2023 via Kesla sales partners.

The trailer with fire-fighting equipment can be used with all larger agricultural tractors

The fire-extinguishing tractor trailer consists of a KESLA multi-purpose trailer, a KESLA loading crane and a modern water tank made of special plastic with a volume of 10.5 m³, as well as fire-extinguishing equipment. The fire-extinguishing trailer is equipped with a hydraulic unit and can therefore be used with any larger agricultural tractor without any problems.

Flexible use both on and off-road

The fire-extinguishing trailer consisting of a KESLA trailer with a multi-purpose structure and the attached fire-extinguishing unit can be driven to the fire site, since the KESLA 144 trailer can be used in a variety of ways, no special chassis is required. Even when the water tank is full, the transport speed is an advantage in order to keep the travel time between the filling point and the point of use as short as possible. The concept is based on a forest trailer KESLA 144 series with drive, either HD (Robson drive) or ND (nave drive) as a chassis, which is pulled by the tractor and the trailer-mounted KESLA hydraulic unit is driven via the PTO shaft. As a result, the system is extremely handy and efficient off-road, e.g. in forest or field fires, and has good pulling power. The combination of good properties on the road and off-road gives the fire-fighting trailer flexibility and economy. It can also be used, for example, for irrigation.

Two water cannons / hollow jets with an outreach of up to 30 m

The KESLA fire-extinguishing system has two water cannons / jet nozzles - one at the rear of the fire-extinguishing superstructure, hydraulically adjustable, and a second on the boom of the loader crane. Both can be manually adjusted from the water jet to the spray jet and have a range of up to 30 m in the water jet. Both can be easily and precisely controlled to fire. The water cannon / hollow jet pipe on the loader crane boom can also be used to extinguish fires, which are then resolved with the gripper.

The water tank of the fire-extinguishing equipment can be filled via hydrants or water pipes, but also via natural water sources such as ponds, lakes, rivers or even larger ditches filled with the hydraulically driven filling pump, which can be used accordingly with the loader crane thanks to its outreach. This is a great advantage when working away from water mains. The fire-extinguishing unit is controlled via a separate joystick and the control element is hydraulically driven via the trailer's hydraulic unit.

Easy to convert to a KESLA forest trailer

As already mentioned, the KESLA trailer fire-extinguishing unit has a multi-purpose structure and the semi-mounted fire extinguishing unit which can be easily removed from the trailer. After unhitching the fire extinguishing unit and the KESLA multi-purpose body frame, the stanchions can be put back on the trailer and the trailer can then work normally again. Kesla is currently working on further equipment for the KESLA multi-purpose body frame.

The concept was presented back in mid-September 2021 with the release of a video of a prototype of the KESLA Fire-extinguishing Unit with trailer KESLA 144 on YouTube. The video and the unit attracted a lot of attention and Kesla Oyj received many requests for the system from all over the world. After extensive tests and operations, the fire-extinguishing tractor trailer is now also ready for sale in Germany. Sales start Q3 2023 assumed, deliveries early 2024.

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