Kesla at Strongman Champions League

02.08.2021 News

Strongman Champions League (SCL) is a series of annual strongman competitions, with competitors hailing from all over the world. This year a WORLD'S STRONGEST TEAM 2021 -competition was held in Joensuu, Finland, from Saturday 31st of July to Sunday 1st of August. Kesla was present on both days and had the pleasure of sponsoring its own signature event at the competition.

Kesla and SCL have worked together for years, with Kesla’s machinery being used as a part of the competition. This year Kesla’s event was the Wheel Barrel, in which the competitors pushed a cart fitted with KESLA 18RH-II harvester heads. Each harvester head weights around 500 kilograms, with the metal cart adding another 300 kilograms into the mix. The Wheel Barrel was the opening event on Sunday.

Kesla was also present at the sponsors’ area, with Kesla’s booth offering visitors snacks and Kesla-branded merchandise. This year Kesla focused on showcasing its harvester heads, so the KESLA 27RH-II harvester head was displayed alongside the booth.

The Strongman Champions League -competitions are televised and broadcast globally; Finnish viewers will be able to tune in later this year to see the competition on MTV3. Keep an eye on Kesla’s social media pages or SCL’s official Facebook page for the air date.