“It has exceeded our expectations”

27.05.2021 References

Kesla cranes are trusted tools for Joensuu-based Pejun Kuljetus Oy. According to CEO Jussi Pesonen, the cranes have exceeded their expectations.

Jussi Pesonen watches closely from the cabin of his Kesla 2112T crane as the crane grapple firmly grabs a bundle of pine logs in the middle of a North Karelian peaty forest in the spring. The small movements of Pesosen’s wrists and ankles make the crane boom and grapple do exactly what the professional wants as the logs are transferred to a Scania-driven Weckman trailer.

“In this new crane, we now have a four-lever electric Kesla Pro C control system. The previous models had a mechanical one, but we chose this electric one because there had been so much good feedback from the field,” Pesonen says.

He also says they do not regret the choice, as the control has worked perfectly.

“There are so many adjustments that I am sure every operator can tailor the movements to their liking. And if necessary, the system can also be changed into a two-lever system, if the operator prefers,” Pesonen explains.

Reliability is number one

Pejun Kuljetus is now using their third Kesla crane. According to the CEO, the first one came by coincidence while truck deals were being negotiated.

“We have used other brands as well, but since we switched to Kesla, there has been no need to change the brand. Kesla has been a reliable partner,” says Pesonen, who considers durability to be the most important feature of a crane.

“These days, these trucks are driven day and night, so reliability is number one. And so is the fact that in case of accidents, spare parts can be obtained nearby.

Excellent working conditions

Pesonen is a Finnish man with a big frame, and he therefore appreciates crane cabins with big frames. A cabin must have plenty of room and good working conditions in other respects as well.

“This cabin is spacious enough to accommodate even a large man, it provides a good view, and the sound insulation is functional,” Pesonen says, listing the best aspects of his office.

Pesonen’s company drives roundwood in Eastern Finland, mainly around Joensuu, where winters are cold and summers warm. Thanks to Kesla’s fluid circulation heating, the cabin has been warm enough even in extremely cold temperatures.

“Well, maybe shorts would not keep you warm enough, but in normal work clothes, you are fine. In the summer heat, we use the cooling device,” Pesonen says with a laugh. Oil circulates in an Olsberg valve Persuaded by the seller, Pesonen chose an Olsberg valve, which is still quite rare in Finland, for his new crane. The valve, which is more widely used in Sweden, has a higher flow rate than other valves, which increases the speed and power of the crane.

“I had heard good things about Olsberg before, so we decided to try it out. It has worked really well. There has been no shaking, and the oil circulates in the valve, never running out during crane movements. It has exceeded our expectations,” says the satisfied CEO with a smile.

Jussi Pesonen, Pejun Kuljetus.
KESLA proC with 4 levers and 2 pedals.
KESLA 2112 crane of Pejun Kuljetus.