Come and admire the fire-extinguishing trailer made by Finnish Kesla at Lantmännen’s stand 571 at the Elmia Wood forestry fair

02.06.2022 News

Kesla is known for its forest technology and material handling equipment, such as tractor forest trailers. The versatility of the tractor equipment has increased in recent years, including a fire-extinguishing trailer based on a traditional tractor forest trailer.

The tank can also be filled from a natural water source

The new fire-extinguishing trailer is based on the strong KESLA 144 tractor forest trailer, featuring a robust tank made of special plastic and versatile fire-extinguishing equipment. The trailer is equipped with two water cannons, one on the loader boom and the other at the rear of the trailer. The boom cannon can reach up to 30 metres. The ten-cubic metre water tank can be filled either from a water supply network or from natural water sources such as lakes.

The fire-extinguishing trailer is equipped with its own hydraulics, making it easy to use with any big agricultural tractor. The package can be driven to the fire site without needing a separate carrier. Off-road operation is further facilitated by the drive feature that can be either the roller drive or the nave drive suitable for demanding conditions.

Exhibiting a wide range of tractor equipment for forestry, agricultural and municipal engineering work Kesla trailers and loaders are ideal for traditional forestry, agricultural and municipal engineering work

The stand features a wide range of packages of different sizes.

One novelty is the KESLA 326T crane. The heavy-duty loader reaches up to 9.1 metres with lifting power up to 84 kNm. The required tractor hydraulics pressure is a typical 190 bar, which means the powerful loader can be used with most tractors. Maintenance is facilitated by locating the hoses inside the boom.

The stand also features the KESLA forestCOMBI bioenergy platform for KESLA 144 trailers. Equipped with a tipper and a hydraulic tailgate, the platform is easy to install on a 144 trailer and can be stored on the stabiliser legs that come with it.

Nordic operator

KESLA products are made in Finland. Founded in 1960, the company’s products were previously known under the PATU brand. Known for their durability, the products are also praised nowadays for their usability and smart technology. In Sweden, KESLA tractor equipment is sold by Lantmännen Maskin. The products are exhibited at Lantmännen’s stand 571.

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In the picture the new fire-extinguishing trailer.