Andreas Bogner on his Kesla trailer: “It’s truly amazing!”

23.03.2021 Tractor forest equipment

Andreas Bogner is an independent entrepreneur who runs his own forest service company in Southern Germany. He was familiar with Finnish forestry technology, already having used a Finnish tractor in his work. Bogner was so satisfied with the Finnish tractor that he wanted to have a trailer and loader from Finland as well. That is why he acquired a KESLA 144 series trailer with proTRACTION combined with KESLA 316T proC crane. Bogner’s expectations of Finnish technology and its performance were once again more than fulfilled.

Kesla's journey towards success

Kesla Oyj is a Finnish machine engineering company specialized in forestry and material handling technology since 1960. Kesla was founded by a Finnish farmer Antti Kärkkäinen and has production facilities in Joensuu, Kesälahti, and Ilomantsi.

The group's net sales in 2019 l reached 47 million euros which included exports accounted for 68%. The group also has a sales office in Appenweier, Germany, and Kesla currently employs personnel of around 250 people. Kesla's A-shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki Oy.

Impressive technology

Kesla has three core areas of operation: tractor equipment, harvesting machinery, and vehicle-mounted and industrial cranes that are user-friendly. With Finnish knowledge, Kesla has created professional machinery for the most challenging conditions. Kesla offers a variety of control and monitoring systems for all of its products to meet customer’s requirements and make the operator’s job easier.

With KESLA proTRACTION drive control system the trailer is controlled by the tractor so everything is automatic and the operator can adjust itself. KESLA 144ND trailer is also equipped with this feature. The optional DBC-Control (downhill brake system) with KESLA proTRACTION is useful when driving downhill because the trailer can be slowed down with the joystick without having to use the brake pedal at all.

In addition to proTRACTION, Kesla's products are equipped with ISObus technology. Due to the ISObus’s connection to the tractor via proTRACTION, the drive control system knows what the tractor is doing by transmitting the signals to the trailer, which then follows the tractor's speed and direction without the driver having to activate or make any separate control.

Durable quality that tolerates hard work

With the Kesla products, you can see the experience and competence gained of a manufacturer, who is in that business for a long time. Bogner is a fan of Finnish forestry equipment. He hadn’t had any difficulties with his tractor and the decision of purchasing a trailer from Tesla has paid off. The products are designed for the job, using materials of high quality such as steel. The materials have a high production level which ensures that it is easier to get the job done.

Bogner’s line of work is very demanding and the work would be difficult without proper equipment that is very good quality. Kesla 144 trailer has many delicacies but what Bogner is most impressed by is its durability. “I don’t know which steel they are using, but as I wanted to drill a hole to the light carrier in order to install a fastening screw, it took strength and a good drill,” Bogner states. “It’s truly amazing compared to my previous trailer”, he praises. “With Kesla everything runs well and the drive control is very easy to use. The trailer follows the tractor and everything works effortlessly every day.”

“This profession requires a lot of work but with these machines, I have fun every day”, Bogner smiles.

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KESLA 144ND and 316T
Andreas Bogner