Ala-Kaakinen Farm uses a loader and trailer for agriculture and forestry

30.03.2022 News

Situated in the village of Oulunsalo, Ala-Kaakinen Farm used to be a cattle farm, and many signs of its storied history are still apparent. Even though the operations of the farm, which is now more than a century old, have changed and developed over the years, Kesla’s solutions have proved their indispensable worth in day-to-day activities.

“At Ala-Kaakinen Farm, we primarily focus on agriculture and forestry. We also do metal work when we have the time. We purchased the first Kesla products in the early 1990s and we have been cooperating closely with them ever since,” says the owner of the farm, Raimo Kaakinen.

First-rate machines ensure efficient operations even in challenging conditions

Kesla’s innovative products have found their permanent place at Ala-Kaakinen Farm. Raimo considers the strength of the tractor-mounted loader and trailer to be their versatility, as both products are well suited to various types of work tasks.

“Our last purchases from Kesla were the 144ND forest trailer and 316T tractor loader – we updated our old models with new ones. Kesla has been a good and effective partner for us, which is why we did not hesitate to ask them for an offer. We are very happy with Kesla’s new products, since the larger grapple has been helpful in collecting energy wood, for example,” Raimo describes.

Ala-Kaakinen Farm uses the loader and trailer combo for forestry work as well as collecting garden waste during the spring cleaning arrangements of housing companies, for example. The modern products are supplemented with first-rate accessories, which maintain work efficiency even in challenging conditions.

“The current trailer features a nave drive, and its drive power is quite sufficient. Our accessories include working lights for the trailer and loader, which are surprisingly good to have during the dark periods of winter. The toolbox is another convenient feature. The products are durable; we have not needed spare parts even once,” Raimo explains.

Kesla’s user-friendly products are of Finnish-made high quality

Kesla’s solutions have been designed with special attention to the needs of Finnish agricultural entrepreneurs, which the people of Ala-Kaakinen Farm appreciate. It is easy to trust a domestic supplier when the products are reliable and long-lasting.

“Kesla’s tractor loader and trailer have been perfect for us; they help us to ensure that we can handle a variety of tasks with the tractor. Kesla products have significantly expedited our work since we can move more in one go. The long-term cooperation with Kesla has been great because their products are sturdy and durable. We will absolutely continue to use their services,” Raimo and Jani Kaakinen say in agreement.