Kesla to launch a harvester head specially designed for tractor use

28.09.2020 Nouvelles

The all-new KESLA 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range. Despite its size, it makes use of the technology, structural solutions and manufacturing know-how of large harvester heads. With the new model, Kesla strengthens its position as a leading harvester head manufacturer independent from base machines.

Suitable for tractors, small harvester base machines and excavators

The new KESLA 14RH is suitable for installation on tractors, thinning harvesters and up to approximately five-tonne excavators. Straightforwardness, simplicity and great efficiency are the core characteristics of the small head.

Unlike the larger KESLA harvester heads, the 14RH head applies the traditional side-squeezing feed roller geometry, which has the advantages of a very simple structure, lightness and efficiency in feeding small-diameter trees. Depending on the size of the traction motors selected, the head only requires an oil supply of 120–150 l/min, making it ideal for the hydraulics of modern tractors. Kesla also offers a PTO-driven auxiliary hydraulic supply package optimised for harvester use, which, in addition to additional output, has the advantage of separating the harvester head into its own hydraulic circuit, adding power to the use of the crane during harvesting. The auxiliary hydraulic supply package also makes combi-use easy when you can detach the harvester head, boom hoses and pump equipment neatly without opening the hoses.

KESLA 14RH has three delimbing knives, which, together with the short head frame length, make it especially agile and efficient in handling curved and branchy trees. Thanks to the rear knife, spruce bases also get delimbed nicely. The KESLA 14RH hydraulic solutions and component choices are largely based on the larger KESLA harvester heads made for demanding professional use and on the long-term experience gained from them. Considering the size class of the harvester head, the sturdy and highly efficient saw unit powered by a 18-cc motor is familiar from the Kesla SH series stroke harvesters. The harvester head features a strong two-cylinder tilt, making tree felling always controlled and safe. KESLA 14RH works best with a tree diameter of less than 25 cm.

“Applying the long-term experience and know-how gained from Kesla’s heavy-duty professional harvester heads has given us a real thinning powerhouse here,” says Business Director Mika Tahvanainen. “The 14RH brings power and features to users that have never been seen in this size and weight class before,” Tahvanainen continues.

Durability and serviceability

Serviceability of the harvester head is excellent. The protective covers open completely, making it easy to access the items needing service. The availability and management of spare parts have been the focus of attention right from the design stage – for example, all actuators have been implemented using the same cylinder type. In view of the harvester head size class, the heat-treated shafts are sturdy ensuring a long service life, similarly to all bearings. The delimbing knives have been hardened, as with the larger harvester heads.

The harvester head weighs approximately 400 kg in total.

Comprehensive assembly for the harvester use of tractors

The KESLA tractor attachment range includes several suitable loader models for the harvester assembly of a tractor. In terms of hydraulics and steering, the KESLA 314, 305 and 316 models can be equipped suitable for harvester use. Harvester equipment of tractors has become more common in recent years.

“A tractor harvester is ideal for thinning,” Janne Sinkkonen, the Director of Tractor Attachment Business, says. “A tractor as a base machine is not always as good as a speciality machine, mainly because of its off-road characteristics, but in many cases versatility supports buying one.”

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14RH harvester head

KESLA 14RH - harvester head specially designed for tractor use.