KESLA proC i

KESLA proC i intelligent loader control system

KESLA proC i is a new loader control system designed by Kesla for premium users. In addition to traditional loader control functions, the proC i system includes several new features that provide excellent ergonomics and easy operation.

  • Intelligent loader control allows the operator to control the grapple without the need to concentrate on individual cylinder functions.
  • The cylinders’ electronic end-damping function enables smooth loading and reduces unnecessary wear of the loader and the chassis.
  • The control system includes a large and easy-to-use 5’’ touch screen with navigation buttons.
  • The all-new electrical architecture for valve and system power control provide unprecedented performance.

The KESLA proC i is available for the KESLA 325T & 326T loaders.

  • Crane and operating system power supply from an ISOBUS terminal is available as an option.
  • Live adjustment mode allows the loader to be adjusted even during loading.
  • The loader’s stand-by control allows run modes to be changed directly from the armrest – maximising the driver’s efficiency.
  • By far the most ergonomic armrests and joystick bottom designs on the market.
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