Fire-extinguishing trailer

KESLA multipurpose concept: fire-extinguishing trailer

The KESLA tractor-towed fire-extinguishing trailer is now for sale.

The new fire-extinguishing trailer consists of
• KESLA 14-ton multiuse trailer with HD or ND drive
• KESLA 326T, 325T or 305/T loader & proG26 grapple
• Separate fire-extinguishing unit

Technical data  
Hydraulics Own hydraulic unit
Tank volume 10,5 m 3
Pump pressure 6 bar
   Time for filling tank 10 mins
Water cannont (on the loader boom)  
   Shower 130-200 l/min
   Reach 12-30 m
Water cannon (rear)  
   Shower 130-200 l/min
   Reach 12-30 m


The fire-extinguishing unit has its own hydraulics making it easy to tow it with any bigger agricultural tractor. The package can be driven to the fire-site so there is no need for additional carrier platform. The trailer itself is always equipped with drive which enables the use with high-wheeled tractors - a clear plus when driving off-road. The water tank can, of course, be filled from water pipes but also from natural water sources like lakes, rivers or even bigger ditches. The water is shot from two water cannons situated one in the loader boom and the other in the rear part of the trailer. The loader boom mounted cannon can shoot up to the 30 m and can be steered easily and precisely to the fire.

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