Lehtoranta farm: Kesla machines are a perfect partner for Valtra tractors

16.05.2024 References

Located in Karvia, Lehtoranta farm is a family estate specialised in organic farming and forestry. The farm has a long history and its operations have been actively developed: the family gave up cattle rearing in the 80s and were one of the first to start organic farming in the 90s. Today, the farm consists of 40 hectares of field and 500 hectares of forest, which are mainly managed with Finnish machinery.


“We were recently in need of new forest machines and our aim was to find machinery suitable for heavy work. With an AGCO salesperson’s guidance, we decided to get a Valtra tractor and a Kesla 144 series forest trailer. These two machines form an impressive team with excellent results. We used them for forest work throughout the last winter and they performed well even in conditions of challenging terrain,” says Eemeli Alatalo who represents the youngest generation of the farm owners.

Innovative technology makes daily life easier

According to Eemeli, it was necessary to update the machinery because the previous forest trailer had become too small for the current amount of work. AGCO’s product package was an easy solution because the Kesla trailer is fully compatible with the Valtra tractor. Additionally, the diverse properties of the Kesla crane, such as the hydraulically articulated drawbar, meet the needs of even the most demanding operator.

“We considered many options before choosing Kesla’s products. During the past winter, the Kesla 326T crane has turned out to be pleasant and easy to use. The crane has a wide range of settings, making it a highly adaptable machine. The innovative intelligent loader control and option to save operator-specific settings make our daily work easier. The tractor forest trailer is very stable and does not turn over even in conditions of difficult terrain or when carrying heavy loads,” Eemeli says.

Kesla’s forest technology developed for Finnish conditions

Eemeli is confident that Kesla’s forest trailer was the best choice for heavy forest work. The sturdy and robust trailer has the capacity to pull heavy loads and works seamlessly with the Valtra tractor. As a Finnish supplier, Kesla can guarantee the high availability of spare parts and machine maintenance. This was one of the reasons why Eemeli and his team chose Kesla.

“We chose Kesla because it is a Finnish supplier, and we want to support Finnish business. Everything went like clockwork with our Kesla dealer, and they offered us a package that is perfectly tailored to our needs. After the first winter, we are incredibly happy with the machines. They have performed excellently even in difficult conditions,” says Eemeli.