The KESLA loader is an excellent farm assistant

KESLA loaders and trailers are also great for agricultural work. The grapple loader is easy and precise to use, and the grapple accessories can be used to expand the range of applications. Many farm owners have said that the grappler loader is in fact many times more convenient than the front loader of the tractor.

Rear axle mounting provides flexibility
Installing the loader on the rear platform of the tractor is particularly sensible on a farm where the loader is only rarely needed to help the forestry trailer. The loader is always available, and the combination remains agile despite the loader. If desired, the loader can be combined with any tractor trailer according to the purpose.

More operating opportunities
KESLA proG grapples are available with accessories such as bale - and material claws, and especially gravel buckets that greatly increase the potential for use. Gravel buckets are handy when handling plastic sheeting for hay or silage. Material claws are originally designed for manure handling, but they are also convenient whilst firewood contracting. The bale pincers allow the bales to be gently moved, without breaking the plastic, into a trailer that can be transported to the desired location, a larger amount per round per trip. Original KESLA accessories are easy to remove or mount in place.

Help with “everything small”
Usually farm work is a combination of all duties and only imagination sets limits on the loader’s use. Many customers have used loaders, for example, for rock collection, lifting tasks at building sites, and erecting fences

Examples of agricultural work:

  • Lifting of fertilizers/seed sacks
  • Lifting of square or round bales
  • Cattle feeding
  • Cleaning and spreading of cattle bedding
  • Coverage and opening of silage silos
  • Collecting stones
  • Collecting stumps
  • Spreading sand and fertilising
  • Loading and transport of gravel and other land materials
  • Helping with small construction works
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