Stroke feed harvester heads

The new generation of stroke harvesters

Kesla, the world’s leading manufacturer of stroke harvesters, has taken stroke harvester technology to an entirely new level. The new KESLA SH II harvester heads carry a lot of features and components familiar from roll feeding RH heads, for example, the standard measuring device is the KESLA proLOG. Pulse technology allows even a small base machine with hydraulic power to achieve a large delimbing force. Therefore, KESLA stroke harvesters are particularly well suited for excavator platforms. They function at their best upon the felling of difficult branched trees requiring raw power, and on the other hand, the gentle handling of valuable special trees. 

The stroke jaws are strong and reliable, and they can delimber even the most difficult branches without reversing. This makes the stroke harvester unbeatable in challenging circumstances. Due to the optimized hydraulics and proportional feed of the stroke harvester, its use is soft and pleasant. The patented ProSTROKE pulse function also makes delimbing of crooked trees easy. Thanks to good pick-up properties and a very wide range of movement of the tilt, the KESLA stroke harvesters are ideal for both vertical tree felling as well as the processing from a pile.

The KESLA stroke harvester with a wide range of accessories can be adapted to any customer’s special needs.

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