FINLAND: Kuljetus Villman

16.10.2022 Truck and stationary cranes

Transport Villman appreciates the Finnish manufacturer’s personal service and high-quality products

Transport Villman Ltd is a Viitasaari based company specialised in the transport of roundwood. The company serves forest companies with more than 50 years of experience. Their professional drivers reliably deliver logs and pulpwood to customers with the help of Kesla’s high-quality timber cranes.

“Timber transport is our main business, but we also operate in earthworks on the side. We purchased our first Kesla in 2013, and now we have 15 of them. We have a familiar contact person serving us at Kesla who can advise us by phone and with whom we have also had a good discussion on product development,” says Kimmo Villman, Managing Director of Transport Villman.
Efficient and reliable cranes are vital for successful business

Kesla is the only domestic manufacturer of timber cranes in Finland and that has also influenced Transport Villman’s decision when choosing a supplier. Domestic cranes have delivered on their promises of top-quality reliability as well as nearby maintenance and spare parts service.

“Kesla’s timber cranes are manufactured in Joensuu, so we can get spare parts even on the same day. If necessary, we will drive to Joensuu in the morning for the parts and get the machines fixed by the evening. Functioning cranes are vital to our business because of the volume of timber we transport. We also get good advice from the Kesla factory by phone, so we do not always have to drive somewhere in case of problems,” Kimmo adds.

High-quality domestic cranes for a variety of applications

Timber transport requires efficient and durable cranes that you can rely on every day. Transport Villman operates different-size cranes, each of which serves their intended purpose well. The bigger cranes are used for train loading, while the smaller ones are best suited for long-haul operations.

“We have three electrically controlled timber cranes, and the rest are mechanically controlled. I am sure that the number of electrically controlled cranes will increase in the future. The cabins of Kesla cranes are large enough also for bigger people, and the visibility is good. We mainly use straight boom cranes, but for loading trains and transport trucks, we use z-booms that are convenient to load the largest loads,” says Kimmo.

Kimmo has found that personal service and high-quality products are things that you can expect from a Finnish manufacturer. Kesla cranes are also familiar to many of Transport Villman’s subcontractors, which makes everyday timber transport work easier.

“We are satisfied with Kesla’s quality products and reliable service, which they quickly provide whenever we need it. We have also had the opportunity to participate in some very nice and memorable trips organised by Kesla. Our decision to choose Kesla cranes was strongly influenced by the fact that we want to promote Finnish industry, which is something that is in all of our interests. ‘Favour Finnish, buy local’,” Kimmo sums up.