Finnmetko exhibition: Kesla’s Tractor Equipment business unit introduces great new products

28.08.2022 ニュース

Kesla Oyj is a Finnish manufacturer of truck cranes, logging equipment as well as tractor-based forest technology and material handling equipment with long and traditional roots, especially as a manufac-turer of tractor-based machinery, since the 1960s. At the Finnmetko fair in Jämsä, Finland, on 1–3 Sep-tember 2022, Kesla’s Tractor Equipment business unit will introduce a new-generation control system for tractor loaders and a new tractor loader, KESLA 325T, which is a sister model for the 326T loader launched last year.

KESLA proC i platform and intelligent loader control combining control systems

Designed to combine control systems, the platform that is now being introduced has been named proC i. The platform is modular and, therefore, the customer can, in the future, combine it with various control sys-tems, such as loader control and intelligent drive control for the trailer. The KESLA proC i platform intro-duced at the fair features integrated intelligent loader control. Intelligent loader control specifically controls the tip of the crane, not the main boom or outer boom separately. This makes it easier to learn the control method and is also reflected in productivity.

The end damping of the loader cylinders has been implemented by means of an operating valve.

“Test customers have found the use of the loader to be even softer thanks to the end damping,” says Markku Lappalainen, Business Unit Director of Tractor Equipment.

It is possible to turn off the intelligent loader control and the end damping if this makes more sense for the work. For example, when the loader is placed in the transport position, it is advisable to shift the control from the intelligent loader control to the normal control.

The power supply to the system is done directly through the tractor’s ISOBUS system or, alternatively, di-rectly from the tractor’s battery using a shielded cable. The switchboard and the power supply are posi-tioned centrally next to the loader’s slewing mechanism, where they are well protected from both weather and mechanical stress. Centralised power supply reduces voltage losses, improving the operation of the operating valve. The system offers the possibility to conveniently add new modules, and even now you can install additional lights that work from the control system screen.

The system has a completely new 5" touch screen that can also be used with a separate keyboard, e.g. when using gloves. Through the screen, the customer can access the functions, adjustments and daily diag-nostics.

“Test customers have given special thanks for the fact that the movements can be adjusted live, during crane operation, so that the effect of the adjustment can be seen immediately,” Lappalainen says.

According to customers, the screen size is also sufficient and the menu structure is clear. The operating system is initially available in five languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German and French.

Five operator positions can be stored in the user interface, and each operator has two different profiles. This means that a total of ten profiles can be stored in the system.

Kesla appreciates ergonomics. In the new system, the operator has a new kind of armrest for the left arm. The armrest is easily adjustable to suit different operator sizes. The joystick base is shaped to keep the grip relaxed. The display unit switch and stop button are in the armrest, thereby reducing the need for additional movements. New joystick bases have also been added to Valtra armrest integrations.

New KESLA 325T loader complements the 320 series of loaders

Launched in summer 2021, the new-generation KESLA 326T loader now has a sister model, the new 325T loader. The KESLA 320 series loaders, including the new 325T, have a very robust construction. In this size class, the loader has excellent trajectories and can be adapted to the frame of a 4–6 cylinder tractor or to the drawbar of a KESLA 124–144 series timber trailer.

Supporting and protective maintenance platforms have been installed on top of the new loader slewing mechanism, next to which the KESLA proC i switchboard and the hydraulic connection point of the operat-ing valve have been integrated. Access to the operating valve for maintenance is easier than before, as the valve cover opens like a bonnet. As usual, the operating valve is positioned at the base of the main boom, so that it does not interfere with visibility.

The loader’s appearance is like that of the previous loader in the model series, the KESLA 326T: slender and graceful. The hoses on the outer boom have been positioned inside the boom to minimise the risk of get-ting caught and hose damage. The new loader model is available with well-protected, more efficient working lights.

The new model is also available with the best range of links, rotators and heads on the market in its size class, with suitable options for every user.

The KESLA 325T has been approved as part of the trailer combination to be delivered to the Finnish Defence Forces. Kesla’s tractor equipment range will be on display in Kesla’s Finnmetko sections 60, 61, 62 and 66. The new KESLA 325T with the KESLA proC i platform and intelligent loader control as mentioned in the bulletin will also be available for testing.

For more information, please contact:

Kesla Oyj, Tractor Equipment Business Unit Director Markku Lappalainen, tel. +358 40 0545 974,

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The KESLA 325T represents the very latest in tractor loaders.