KESLA proSTABILITY control system

Kesla has developed a stability control system for the City cranes, proSTABILITY. The system enables the possibility for radio control of the crane, but it is also available for top seat equipment. The system alerts the driver about several factors that have impacts on stability, for instance for overload, inclination of the truck or if the vehicle loses ground contact. In addition, it prevents functions that increase the lifting torque in extreme conditions. The system shows several crane status data including sensor faults, fault log, the position of the stabilizer and crane as well as lift capacity in that position. The system also offers the possibility to a limited lift sector without stabilizer legs.

The radio controlled crane is a convenient solution for short but demanding loadings. The control system is a Scanreco-radio control unit. The visibility to the crane is excellent as well as the connection to the stability system.

The system is also available with a top seat equipment and with joysticks. This alternative is especially suitable for longer work and specific demand for accuracy.

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