An excavator with a harvester head is a suitable solution for wetland

14.12.2015 Referenssit

The KESLA customer Severnaya Sosna has had the Hyunday R220LC-9S excavator (112 kW) and KESLA 28RHS harvester head combination now for 1,5 years. The combination has been working for about 4000 hours near Vologda region, Russian.

When visited, the combination was working 120 km from Vologda, Russia, near to a massive gas pipe building site, where the terrain was even but very wet clay ground. In this sort of circumstances the excavator is an ideal option as it floats on top of the wetland and does not break the surface of the terrain.

The forest on the site is mainly untreated conifer and leafy trees with variable diameters up to 70 cm. On the site there is an Amkodor forwarder with KESLA 700 crane and grapple collecting the logs delimbered and cut. Work seems to go on fluently despite of the challenging wetland.

Severnaya Sosna is satisfied with the machine, as it is suitable for working even on the most challenging terrains. The head is reliable and when needed, service and spare part supply of the local dealer is there for them.


The excavator with a harvester head offers a compromise solution in many ways. Its' purchasing price is remarkably lower than that of a purpose-built machine and technically it is simpler and easier to service. It can naturally be used also for its original purpose. Some terrains are also easier to work with an excavator than with a rubber-wheeled harvester.

The operator Vladimir and Sergei, the local dealer’s (Treelog Ltd) mechanic.