114H | HD | ND

114H | HD | ND - For private wood transport and small scale contracting even in difficult terrains

KESLA 114 product family is well suited for private wood transport or small scale contracting, even on difficult terrain. KESLA 114HD model is equipped with hydraulic roll drive. The trailer is able to carry a heavy net load, up to 10 tn,. Like in all other KESLA tractor forest trailers, the front screen and the front screen supports between first stakes and the screen come as standard.


With frame extension (accesory) the operational length increases up to 1 055 mm. To increase safety, the hydraulic 4-wheel drum brakes anor pneumatic 4-wheel brakes are available as an accessory. With available accessories you can easily taylor the trailer exactly for your needs.  


Now it is possible to mount a slightly bigger crane on top of the trailer’s frame than earlier. Bigger crane gives you more outreach and power for work and this KESLA 114HD model can carry it proudly where ever you work!

Compatible with VALTRA tractor A-series