For us at Kesla, the business owner is king. We listen carefully to what our customers have to say. That’s why we’ve invested in the power, durability and serviceability of our loaders.


Power in both turning and lifting

The new KESLA 326T loader has more power than a small village, 84 kNm. Even at its enormous maximum extension – 9.1 metres – it can lift 575 kg. The slewing device is strong, which is reflected in the smooth shifting of loads in all directions.



We know that, for the business owner, downtimes that are as short as possible are a good thing. That’s why we’ve further improved the durability of the loader, for example by choosing higher-quality materials and workmanship and, most recently, by improving the protection of the hoses so that all hoses now run inside the boom. Good serviceability, for example easy daily greasing, increases reliability.

VALTRA tractor T-series