For us at Kesla, the business owner is king. We constantly listen to customer feedback in order to improve our products. That is why our new loaders come with improved strength, durability and serviceability. The KESLA 325T is a new loader, that proudly comes alongside the KESLA 326T model but with its new never-before-seen features.

Like its brother, the KESLA 325T loader has a very sturdy structure. Its trajectories are excellent in this size class and the loader can be mounted onto a 4-6 cylinder tractor frame or onto the KESLA 124-144 series trailer’s drawbar. The new loader can lift an enormous weight of 1 335 kg from four meters and 560 kg from the maximum reach of nine meters. 


Greater serviceability than before

Sturdy and protective service platforms have been installed on top of the new loader’s slewing device, next to which the KESLA proC i’s electric center and the operating valve’s hydraulics connection point have been integrated. Access to the operating valve is easier than before in maintenance situations, as the valve cover opens like a bonnet. As usual, the operating valve is placed in the lifting boom’s base, so it does not hinder visibility. The outer boom’s hoses are placed inside, which minimizes the risk of hose damages. There is a separate shelf for the outer boom’s hydraulic hoses, thanks to which there is no need to remove the boom or cylinders in the event of a hose failure.


Like in the 326T model, the hydraulic filtration of KESLA 325T is at the base of the slew cylinders and the slewing device has sight glasses. Oil change is easy, lubrication possibilities are comprehensive as standard and hydraulic hose sectioning is in accordance with the wishes of professional users. Centralized lubrication is available as an option.

Compatibale with VALTRA tractor N-series and VALTRA tractor T-series.