Front-folding Z-cranes, or ‘half’ Z-cranes, combine the advantages of a straight-boom crane and a Z-boom crane. They use the slewing device of a straight-boom crane, but the crane itself is Z-shaped. The slewing centre of the crane is located laterally in the middle of the vehicle so that the outreach of the crane is the same on both sides of the vehicle. Some customers also find it easier and safer to climb into the cabin of a front-folding Z-crane than a normal Z-crane.


The dimensions of the crane in the transport position do not differ significantly between the normal and front-folding Z-crane, but the installation location makes it necessary for the transport position of the front-folding Z-crane to be slightly oblique and, therefore, the crane also takes up significantly more space in the longitudinal direction of the truck than the conventional Z-crane does. Some countries have stricter length regulations, which means that the use of a front-folding crane is not possible.


The front-folding versions of the KESLA 2217ZF crane are available with an outreach of 8.1, 9.6 or 10.1 metres. It is a 17 tonne-metre crane. The crane can be equipped with either a high seat or a cabin.