Cabins and high seats

Comfortability throughout the day

Crane operators are top professionals in their field. As such, they demand conditions that best support their work. 

High seat is a great option for shorter work periods, and it can also be equipped with weather shelter. Ergonomics can be further improved by equipping the high seat with the electronic KESLA proC control system with two weather-proof maximum levers.

Datasheet KESLA TOP SEAT proC

For longer work periods, a cabin is the best option. The cabin protects you against the weather and is usually equipped with a heater and air conditioning or a cooler. Cabins can also be fitted with a variety of accessories that add to the operator’s comfort and working efficiency.

Our cabin models include:

KESLA Vision Standard – basic cabin. Planar 2D heater is available for the cabin.

KESLA Vision – a cabin that offers comfortable working space. Excellent accessory options. For example, radio and speakers are included as standard.


KESLA Vision XL cabin is an excellent choice for long-term work, for example, in timber terminals. In addition to supreme accessories, it also offers ample space.


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