Kaimari Oy favours domestic Kesla machinery

31.08.2023 References


Machinery designed for Finnish conditions meets even the most demanding needs

Ostrobothnian Kaimari Oy is specialized in poultry production and farming. The farm consists of 200 ha field that is being cultivated with organic methods. In addition to farming, Kaimari Oy offers also other services such as machine contracting and chipping.

“At the time I bought the farm from my parents 28 years ago, we were raising cattle and had 15 hectares of farmland. Over the years, we have developed the operations to our liking. Today, Latvala farm includes up to 200 hectares of farmland, and we have switched from cattle to poultry production. Of course, we have other business as well, such as machine contracting, forestry and chipping,” says farm owner Kai Latvala.

Machinery designed for Finnish conditions meets even the most demanding needs

Versatile and durable machinery is indispensable in Latvala Group’s varying business operations. Kai Latvala favours domestic products and has opted for the Kesla C645 chipper and 326T loader for chipping jobs.

“We have lots of equipment because we engage in all kinds of work. For example, we manufacture from scratch the wood chips used to heat the poultry house. Kesla C645 is the third chipper we have on the farm, and it has met our needs to a tee. The chipper is fully compatible with the Kesla 326T loader, and the combination has enough power to deal with logging waste and twigs as well,” Latvala says.

Premium ergonomics and intelligent loader control make for comfortable work

On Latvala farm, Kesla machines have taken work to a whole new level by improving the efficiency and ergonomics of work. The Kesla proC control system has proven to be a major help in the farm’s daily work and has surprised Latvala with its versatility and handiness.

“The Kesla chipper and loader have completely changed the way we chip. Working with the new machines is much more comfortable and ergonomic. We decided to go for the frame-mounted loader as we were in need of a versatile base machine. We use the loader for all kinds of jobs, such as transporting timber, ploughing and chipping. The loader is complemented by the Kesla proC control system, which has been a pleasant surprise for us. Learning to use the control system was easy and it has made our work smooth as promised,” Latvala says.

High confidence in a domestic partner

As a domestic supplier of high-quality machinery, Kesla was a natural choice for Kaimari Oy’s partner. A familiar supplier guarantees quick access to help when needed, and having spare parts service nearby makes daily life even more secure.

“Kesla machines are fully compatible and working with them is very comfortable. It is also important to us that they are easy to service and clean. As a domestic partner, Kesla is a reliable choice as help and spare parts are always quickly available when needed. I warmly recommend Kesla as we have been very happy with them. With a domestic manufacturer, you will not be stranded if problems emerge,” Latvala says.