KESLA forestCOMBI introduces new applications of timber trailers

05.03.2021 News

The Finnish tractor equipment manufacturer Kesla Oyj is introducing a bioenergy platform intended for use with a timber trailer. The platform is an accessory that can be easily detached, if necessary. The platform has a volume of 23 m3 and is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate and a tipper. With the platform, the use of the timber trailer can be increased particularly outside the forest environment.

Kesla has previously introduced more wide-ranging applications for the forest equipment, particularly for loaders. The number of applications is now increasing because the company is introducing a new accessory for timber trailers, the KESLA forestCOMBI bioenergy platform. The platform can be used for transporting content such as energy wood, wood chips, feed or snow. The platform is also equipped with a hydraulic tailgate and a tipper, making it easy to empty the load from the tractor cabin.

Since this is an accessory of the timber trailer, the platform enables utilisation of all the features and accessories of the timber trailer, including beam control or traction.

Installation on the bunks of the timber trailer

KESLA forestCOMBI is installed on the bunks of the timber trailer.

- “The KESLA forestCOMBI platform can be conveniently parked on its stabiliser legs,” says Product Manager Aappo Hyttinen. “When you want to use the platform, you need to detach the posts of the trailer and drive the trailer beneath the platform.”

Using lift cylinders, the plate is lowered on top of the bunks. The platform can be moved elsewhere just as easily. The trailer along with the platform is driven to the parking place, the stabiliser legs are opened and the platformis lifted to an upright position by means of cylinders. After this, the stabiliser legs are locked and the trailer can be driven away.

Finnish product

KESLA forestCOMBI is a Finnish product implemented by a Kesla subcontractor. It can be acquired for timber trailers in the KESLA 144 series and – just like KESLA tractor attachments– it is sold by several retailers around the world and Valtra Unlimited Studio.

Kesla Oyj, Tractor attachment business
Product Manager Aappo Hyttinen
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