Ethical channel

Ethical channel

How to report unethical behavior and improper conduct

Our sense of responsibility can be seen in our day-to-day activities and in the even minor choices we make. As a business, Kesla endeavors to ensure the right choices are made in every aspect of the work we do and across every team in our group.

An important part of acting responsibly and transparently is encouraging feedback and providing the opportunity for our employees to be listened to if they encounter unethical conduct. Our ethical channel provides a platform for our personnel to inform us of any behavior or practice that contravenes Kesla’s ethical guidelines and values. This reporting channel complies with Section 3 of Chapter 12 of the amendment to the Securities Markets Act (519/2016), which concerns the reporting of suspected criminal acts in respect of the legislation and mandates affecting operators in the financial markets. Kesla takes improper conduct very seriously and always acts to ensure the anonymity of any persons notifying us of such behavior. We will not permit any abuse of the ethics portal or the submission of unwarranted claims.

How to report improper conduct:


Enter in the field and write “send secure mail to recipient” and click on “login”. Alternatively, you can copy this link into your web browser:

Enter your email address in the field at the top of the screen that opens. This address will be used to send a confirmation mail from the turvaposti (secure mail) server.

Write your message and attach any file(s). Please include your telephone number in the message so that we can contact you.

You can then accept the suggested password for your message or replace it with one of your own choosing. This password is automatically sent to the telephone number provided as an SMS message.

Click “send”.

You will receive a confirmation request from the turvaposti server, which you will need to respond to by clicking on the link included in the message.

Your message will only be sent to the recipient after you have confirmed the request!