KESLA STUDIO | 3rd generation harvesters

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Come and get to know the KESLA 3rd generation harvester heads’ models together with Kesla’s specialists.

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The event’s spoken language is English with English subtitles.

Join the launch event on 20.10.2021 at 8:00 PDT time zone (18:00 EEST)!

Kesla, the leading independent manufacturer of harvester heads, strengthens its position by introducing the new third generation of the RH harvester head range.

Launching of the all-new KESLA 3rd generation harvester heads

KESLA 3rd generation harvester heads represent the latest design and technology at the market.

Powerful 2WD feed with the unique progressive roller geometry enables exceptionally high hydraulic and mechanic efficiency, resulting in high performance and very low fuel consumption.

Modular frame technology enables different variations optimized to the working conditions, like 4-knife heads for large and branched coniferous trees and short 3-knife versions for crooked trees and hardwood. The frame modules are machined in one piece after welding assembly for high dimensional precision. This together with large shafts and bushings make lifetime of the head long, with minimum need for maintenance.

The new generation-III heads are available in four size classes: 19/21RH-III, 24/26RH-III, 27/28RH-III and 29/30RH-III.

Come and learn more about the KESLA 3rd generation during the launch event! The proud members of the KESLA squad, the specialists, will introduce you to the technical details and features of the new products.

The live chat will be available during the entire event, Kesla’s specialists will be there to answer your questions.

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Launch event: 20.10.2021 8:00 PDT time zone (18:00 EEST time zone)